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I was kicked out into this world by a 2nd generation Chinese Mother and a 2nd generation Japanese Father in the early 1950s so I’ve got one foot planted in the Old Traditional Ways and the Other scratching my head trying to figure out the confusion between the reality of the Doris Day movies and “Leave it to Beaver” television shows I was raised on and today’s modern notions and attitudes and the convenient hypocrisy that follows.
I am celebrating being “Ronin” and behaving honorably. How’s your behavior been lately? Are you Accountable for your Actions?
Hint: RESPECT — NEVER waste my time

Who the heck is Scott Sakamoto and why should he matter to you?
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Ride-Along: An Opportunity

Ride-Along: An Opportunity...

  When I first met Chris Uehara, Assistant Portland Police Chief at the Muslim Educational Trusts Building Bridges Summit, I understood pretty quickly that after his exposure to Oregon as a student at Pacific University in Forest Grove, he was hooked on Oregon and on Portland.[Click to Continue]
Happy Friday: Contemplate "Nothingness"

Happy Friday: Contemplate "Nothingness"...

Nothingness is Calm What is Your Significance Seek Internal Peace   As we near the end of 2016, there is much to contemplate and be mindful of. To say I didn't have my share of emotional ups and downs would be an understatement. This year was an awakening on[Click to Continue]
Hemp Seed Follow Up

Hemp Seed Follow Up...

Hemp Seeds: I think this is going to work out just "fine and dandy" I'll have to admit, I was a little curious how these little hemp seed hearts would play out as an ingredient in my Oatmeal Goop. At first, I was hesitant because I[Click to Continue]
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Food is Fuel

Food is Fuel...

  I know some of you are sucking the sugar out of your teeth from your morning donut this morning; just like you're likely to do most mornings along with several others who don't respect their "Temples"; their Bodies (engines).   We love Pork Fat and Eggs[Click to Continue]

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Scott's “Natural Tendency” is to stay on top of what’s relevant and practical for your business. That’s what he does.   Scott's purpose is to help you get the information and understanding you need to make better digital business decisions focused on your Bottom-Line.


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