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Vision: I Can See!

  I shared with Chisao Hata, Chisao Moves, the Director…
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Food is Fuel

Food is Fuel, Not a Reward Food is Fuel, not a Reward. I know…
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Lemon Water

Lemon Water: A Glass A Day I've wanted to include Lemon Water…
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Portland Downtowner: The Young and the Restless, circa 1994

I'm a Broken Record. I'm still "Walking the Same Talk". Oh…
Chris Uehara, Assistant Portland Police Chief, Portland, Oregon , David Arnaut

Sakamoto: A Front-Row Seat, A Dream Come True

I'm a born and raised Portland Native and damn proud of it.…
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Only Those Who "Get It"... Do You Get It Enough to Evolve with Technology?

Do You "Get It"? For only those Who "Get It". I’ve been…
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Image Size: Search for the Sweet Spot

Shrink Load and Deliver Images for Speed There's a storm comin'..."wind…
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Portland Police: A Ride-Along Opportunity

  When I first met Portland Police Assistant Cheif, Chris…
Chris Uehara, Pink October, Portland Oregon, Portland Police,

Chris Uehara: Pink October PDX

The other day I wrote about my awesome Tuesday; one of the…
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Best Tuesday in a Long Time

I had the most amazing Tuesday today that started with long-time…
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Crunchy Cauliflower

It’s no secret that AAA Personality-Types love crunchy foods…
Jean Matsumoto, Portland, Oregon, JACL

Jean Matsumoto: Mom 2.0 Got Me Out of the Cave

Mom 2.0 (aka Jean Matsumoto) Got Me Out of the Cave Last Night and I've been shamed. I don't know how these Nikkei Ladies get their energy. I've seen the same "Energizer Bunny Energy" in Mom 1.0 too... Amazing.
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Balance with Brian Karsten

This is largely re-posted from the…