Daniel Morris, Advise, Off the Grid

Advice from Daniel Morris

When my smart friends recommend that I consider a "Concept",…
Lean Beef, Beef, Steak, Rib Eye Steak

Part 1: What's Your Beef

Bad Choices: Sometimes (Use Your Head) I'm Convinced; Smart…
Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, United States President, 44

Obama: Leadership | Sacrifice | Grace

Thank You, Barack Obama & Family. By the time I hit the…
William Hilliard, Oregonian, Portland Oregon

William Hilliard: My Hero 1927 - 2017

Hilliard with Gov. Holmes and his assistant Harry Swanson at…
Martin Luther King Jr. MLK

2017: Martin Luther King Jr.

Remember the Man: Martin Luther King Jr. January 16, 2017 Today,…
Scott Sakamoto, Portland Oregon

Learning: Taking 2016 Meanings With Me and Owning It

Learning from 2016 Before 2016 becomes too far gone from our…
Kendo, Practice, Training, Mou Ichido Kudasai

Mou Ichido Kudasai: One More Time

Practice...One More Time! ... Again! Sometimes when our life…