Mark Dikeos, Pacific Motorsports, Portland, Oregon, BMW, Repair, Maintenance

Hanging Out with Cigar Sensei (Aficionado) Mark Dikeos

I was hanging out with Cigar Sensei (Aficionado) Mark Dikeos…

Obsolescence of Warriors

Obsolescence of Warriors "Tending the garden is a relaxing pastime,…
Procrastinator, 100 Days

100 Days: I'm Human, I'm a Procrastinator

I'm a Procrastinator Full disclosure; guess what I was supposed…
100 Days, Burpees, Push ups, Squats

What Can Happen in 100-Days

Before I reveal what I’m thinking, let’s cover some background. First,…
Asian American Experience, Matt Chan, Miyoshi Umeki, Portland, Oregon, Sayonara

Good Times and More Work or Things to Think About... The Asian American Experience with Matt Chan

High-school bud Matt Chan was in town the other day. Cigars at…