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Only Those Who “Get It”… Do You Get It Enough to Evolve with Technology?

Do You “Get It”? For only those Who “Get It”. I’ve been conscientiously opening myself up to some new experiences and making a point to extend my hand in welcoming new “Meaningful” relationships recently and I’ve been having a good time doing it… Something new, like getting out of my cave and doing something different; […]


LinkedIn Profiles:
3 Things to DO NOW to Get the Most Out of Your Professional LinkedIn Profile

Is your Professional Business LinkedIn Profile Performance Bearing Fruit for You? Before we move on, a couple of things to check to see if your LinkedIn Profile Performance is providing for you. With LinkedIn’s recent “Major” 2017 redesign (Hint: it works more like Social Media now), it’s time to move into the LinkedIn “Slipstream” and […]


Don’t Let Anyone Get Comfortable Disrespecting You

Happy Friday The next time someone give you no respect or tries to Dismiss or Marginalize YOU, Your Words, and/or Your Actions WALK AWAY — You’re Wasting Your Valuable Time Hint: words like “Well,…” and “But,…” usually preceed…or they’ll just plain “Talk-Over” you Why is this Important: Because others who witness this behavior toward YOU […]


Balance with Brian Karsten

This is largely re-posted from the from April 2014. I’m Back At It… or at least I keep threatening to I’ve been one of the best procrastinators as far as getting back to my Fitness Training lately. I found by making good decisions about what I Eat (Fuel), I can back off of my […]




Field Trip – I Think I Found My Happy Place

A Stimulating Week For Sure This can only mean one thing… Sakamoto got out of his cave! Some of these things were set in motion before the week, but some of the most rewarding were spontaneous outings (Field Trips) that weren’t planned. Double tap Monday, I was fortunate enough to catch Daniel Morris Senior Partner […]


Interim Portland Police Chief Chris Uehara

Last night I participated in an event that commemorated the culmination of two communities caused by the tragic events of the September 11 Attacks 16-years ago. The highlight and most inspiring to hear was the 9/11 message Interim Portland Police Chief Chris Uehara shared with his Portland Police Bureau that he read aloud to us. […]