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Mark Twain, quote, Portland, Oregon

Keep Away from People Who Try to Belittle Your Ambitions

Happy Friday: Did you wake up this morning with the Goal to…
Slouch, Posture, Bad Posture, Computer Posture

Happy Monday: I'm a Sloucher; and I'm Going to Fix It

I AM A SLOUCHER! ALWAYS Have Been... I have been spending…
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sharebutton: Referrer Spam You Didn't See

Photo: Amy Meredith, SPAM Museum, Austin, Minnesota First,…
Centered, Stillness, Balance, Spirit

Training: I Need to Be Centered Again

November 2016: With the latest current events in the United…
Pears, Oatmeal, Goop, Cocoa Nibs, Walnuts, Cottage Cheese, Greek Yogurt

Oatmeal Goop: Fuel to Keep Me Going

I am a simple "Lazy" creature of "Habit", and I Like "Easy"…
Business Model, Business Model Generation, Modern Business

Happy Friday: It's not your Father's Business Model Anymore

My “natural tendency” as well as with my collaborators…
Notepads, notepad design, agendas

What's the "Meet" of the "Matter"; How Do You Take Notes

I was asked to design Notepad-Pages for Meeting-Notes the other…
Visual Content, Visual Communication

Visual Content: By the Numbers

  It's seems logical and we could probably guess by way…
Visual Content, Text Content, Visual Communication

Content: Visual or Text; What Resonates

  On the way down from the mountain yesterday, as usual,…
Vision, Portland Oregon, Scott Sakamoto

Vision: I Can See!

  I shared with Chisao Hata, Chisao Moves, the Director…
Scott Sakamoto, Portland Downtowner, Portland Oregon, Portland, Oregon, Young and the Restless

Portland Downtowner: The Young and the Restless, circa 1994

I'm a Broken Record. I'm still "Walking the Same Talk". Oh…
Scott Sakamoto, get it, Understand, comprehend

Only Those Who "Get It"... Do You Get It Enough to Evolve with Technology?

Do You "Get It"? For only those Who "Get It". I’ve been…
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Image Size: Search for the Sweet Spot

Shrink Load and Deliver Images for Speed There's a storm comin'..."wind…
Steve Jobs, Design, Scott Sakamoto, Graphic Design, Portland Oregon

Design: a Reminder from Steve Jobs

Design is NOT just what it looks like and feels like -- DESIGN is HOW IT WORKS
Dan Ariely, Behavior, Work Behavior, Business Psychology, Honesty

Motivation: Visiting with an old friend, Dan Ariely

What Motivates Us to Work? or Why Even Try... It's been awhile…