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Time Management, Efficiency, One and Done

Time Management: What Did You Accomplish or Produce Today. Part 1

So, Be Honest... Time Management: Are You Really Accountable…
Website Speed, Conversions, Calls to Action, Website Optimization

Speed, Speed, Speed... Website Speed for Optimal Conversions

I’m Obsessed with SPEED; Website Speed I just launched…
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Sakamoto Style: So, You Want to Work With Me... What Does That Mean?

Sakamoto Style Over the past couple of weeks, I have spoken…
LinkedIn, LinkedIn Best Practices, LinkedIn Manners, LinkedIn Etiquette

Linkedin Manners: Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again; My Annual Rant About LinkedIn Manners Sorry…
Rope, Opportunity, Missed Opportunity

I'll Give You All the Rope You Need

  I originally wrote this in 2015; and that was after…

LinkedIn Profiles:
3 Things to DO NOW to Get the Most Out of Your Professional LinkedIn Profile

Is your Professional Business LinkedIn Profile Performance…
Content Marketing, LinkedIn, Best Practices, LinkedIn, Business Profile, Linkedin Business

Now What: Evolving Your LinkedIn Content Marketing Efforts

I think we can all agree that LinkedIn has grown to be a credible…
LinkedIn Best Practices, LinkedIn, Business Profile, Linkedin Business, Best Practices

Sakamoto's Top-10 LinkedIn Best Practices for a Professional Business Profile;

Those who have spent any time around me since the daunting…
LinkedIn, Business Profile, Business Referrals

Your LinkedIn Profile: I'm Looking for "TOP" Talent,
What's Your LinkedIn Profile Say About You

  So, You think your professional LinkedIn profile…
Newsletter, Subscribe, content marketing

Newsletters and Content Marketing... Really?

  So, this is the inaugural launch of the topic on…
Daniel Morris, Advise, Off the Grid

Advice from Daniel Morris

When my smart friends recommend that I consider a "Concept",…
coworking, nedspace, portland oregon

Nedspace: My New 11th Floor Downtown Roost

Last January, I and a few of the Fellas found Nedspace as…
Referrer Spam, Spam, Google Analytics,

sharebutton: Referrer Spam You Didn't See

Photo: Amy Meredith, SPAM Museum, Austin, Minnesota First,…
Business Model, Business Model Generation, Modern Business

Happy Friday: It's not your Father's Business Model Anymore

My “natural tendency” as well as with my collaborators…
Notepads, notepad design, agendas

What's the "Meet" of the "Matter"; How Do You Take Notes

I was asked to design Notepad-Pages for Meeting-Notes the other…
Visual Content, Visual Communication

Visual Content: By the Numbers

  It's seems logical and we could probably guess by way…
Visual Content, Text Content, Visual Communication

Content: Visual or Text; What Resonates

  On the way down from the mountain yesterday, as usual,…
Scott Sakamoto, Portland Downtowner, Portland Oregon, Portland, Oregon, Young and the Restless

Portland Downtowner: The Young and the Restless, circa 1994

I'm a Broken Record. I'm still "Walking the Same Talk". Oh…