Food is Fuel, Not a Reward (sometimes)
By necessity, I’ve learned to cook and because of my “obsessive” nature (I have a difficult time with the concept of “Good Enough”), I am proficient and curious for new flavors. I like to try new things.

Food, Fuel, Nutrition, Recovery Calories

Food is Fuel

Food is Fuel, Not a Reward Food is Fuel, not a Reward. I know…
Lemon Water, Lemon, Lemons, Water, Hydration, Vitamins, Vitamin c

Lemon Water

Lemon Water: A Glass A Day I've wanted to include Lemon Water…
Cauliflower, Cruciferous Vegetables, Healthy Snacks

Crunchy Cauliflower

It’s no secret that AAA Personality-Types love crunchy foods…
Inspiration, Mojo, Pig, Pig Face

Mojo: I'm Not Feeling It Today

I Lost My Mojo Today Time to ReBoot Fuel: Eat Breakfast Workout: get some Oxygen Talk to some People: Stimulate my Brain Redefine my Working & Living Space: Clean 2:00p Done: Go Play, Goof-Off
Ice Cream, Premium Ice Cream, Expensive Ice Cream, Ben and Jerry's, Ben & Jerrys

What's With All the Expensive Ice Cream Recently

I fell for the reduced ice cream prices Ben & Jerry's ran long…
Bees, Honey Bee,

Honey Bees and 3 World Challenges We Should Be Mindful Of

Your Front Lawn is a Desert to Honey Bees Plant Flowers I…