Ride-Along, Freezing Weather, Homeless, Portland Oregon, Portland, Downtown Portland

Ride-Along: It's Friggin' Freezing Outside

Let it Snow The wind has been howling since yesterday and…
Natural Grocers, Hemp Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Medjool Dates, Brazil Nuts

Happy Friday: Look What $26-Bucks Got Me

This is my haul from Natural Grocers today. Après 6:00p snack…
Centered, Stillness, Balance, Spirit

Training: I Need to Be Centered Again

November 2016: With the latest current events in the United…
Pumpkin Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Oatmeal, Oatmeal Goop

Pumpkin Seeds: A New Respect

Pumpkin Seeds: Start Your Week with a Something New I just…
Pears, Oatmeal, Goop, Cocoa Nibs, Walnuts, Cottage Cheese, Greek Yogurt

Oatmeal Goop: Fuel to Keep Me Going

I am a simple "Lazy" creature of "Habit", and I Like "Easy"…
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Don't Let Anyone Get Comfortable Disrespecting You

Happy Friday The next time someone gives you no respect or…
Post Election

It's Been a Week; I'm Still Feeling Funky

It’s been over a week and I’m still not feeling “Centered”;…
Chris Uehara, Mike Marshman, Police Chief, Portland Oregon, Portland Police,

Portland Police, In a Word: Compassionate

Central Precinct: Last Friday was my first day of many,…
Stop Hate, Hate, Love

We Are a Nation of Immigrants

  Stop The Hate Isn't this obvious to you?
Kay Endo, Chip Larouche, Ron Iwasaki, Ed Fujii, Henry Ueno, Don Matsuda, Setsy Larouche, Eddie Kajitsu, Joe Onchi, Rev. Anna Cho

Veterans: Thank You for Your Service

I Am Deeply Grateful for the Service of Our Men and Women Who…
Civil Rights, Racism

Imagine: A Person of Color Dreams...

  I can only IMAGINE what it must be like to be able…
Rhonda Crunican, Rhonda Kastberg Crunican, Rif Haffar

Rhonda Crunican: Saying Goodbye to An Old Friend

  Last Sunday, I said goodbye to a special friend (Rhonda…
Jean Matsumoto, Eleanor Rice Davis, Ryun Yu (Gordon Hirabayashi, “Hold These Truths”), and Jeanne Sakata (playwright, “Hold These Truths”)

A Visit with Eleanor Rice Davis

I was fortunate to not only be introduced to one of Oregon's…
Vision, Portland Oregon, Scott Sakamoto

Vision: I Can See!

  I shared with Chisao Hata, Chisao Moves, the Director…
Scott Sakamoto, Portland Downtowner, Portland Oregon, Portland, Oregon, Young and the Restless

Portland Downtowner: The Young and the Restless, circa 1994

I'm a Broken Record. I'm still "Walking the Same Talk". Oh…
Chris Uehara, Assistant Portland Police Chief, Portland, Oregon , David Arnaut

Sakamoto: A Front-Row Seat, A Dream Come True

I'm a born and raised Portland Native and damn proud of it.…
Scott Sakamoto, get it, Understand, comprehend

Only Those Who "Get It"... Do You Get It Enough to Evolve with Technology?

Do You "Get It"? For only those Who "Get It". I’ve been…
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Image Size: Search for the Sweet Spot

Shrink Load and Deliver Images for Speed There's a storm comin'..."wind…