Lin Carson: Eat Bread 90

Lin Carson, Phd Lin Carson, Bakerpedia, Portland, Oregon
What? Lin Carson you’re going to do WHAT?

90 Days of Bread with Lin Carson

Lin Carson, Phd Lin Carson, Bakerpedia, Portland, OregonWe’ve got some “Movers and Shakers” at “The Ned” (Nedspace). I ran into Dr. Lin Carson in the Kitchen at Nedspace a few weeks ago as she was applying some flavorful toppings to her “Bread-of-the-Day” meal.

Having a platform for Nutrition on and being a person who is interested in proper Nutrition or Fuel to be able to perform at our Optimal Levels at all times, I was very curious about how Dr. Lin’s “90 Days of Bread” was going to turn out.

Not having sat down to discuss the details of Dr. Lin’s journey, I was especially curious how the consumption of mostly carbohydrates was going to affect her in the long-run.

The Results: Lin’s 90 Days Are Over

So, as I was catching up on my LinkedIn reading this morning, I came across Lin’s “90 Days of Bread in the Books!” article on LinkedIn. She Did It! Bravo!

Lin Carson, Phd Lin Carson, Bakerpedia, Portland, OregonLin, weighing in at 149 pounds at the start has not gained a single pound of weight since.

Her Insights:

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