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I’m a Procrastinator. It’s time to ReBoot my Workouts for My Summer Fitness Goals

ReBoot: It’s Time for Summer Fitness (Physical and Mental) and Outdoor Activities Geez Louise! I made two mistakes the other day; I watched a workout video on YouTube and looked up the weather report for next week. It’s time to ReBoot and “Get Real” and get over my physical fitness stalling. Yep, I’ve been distracted […]


Obsolescence of Warriors

Obsolescence of Warriors “Tending the garden is a relaxing pastime, but it does not prepare one for the inevitable battles of life. It is easy to be calm in a serene setting. To be calm and serene when under attack is much more difficult; therefore, I tell you that it is far better to be […]


What Can Happen in 100-Days

Before I reveal what I’m thinking, let’s cover some background. First, I have the metabolism of a hummingbird. I’ve been waiting for my aging body’s engine to slow down and become less efficient, but no such luck (I know, I can hear you now). I have been selfishly fantasizing about weighing more than 150 “responsible” […]


Field Trip – I Think I Found My Happy Place

A Stimulating Week For Sure This can only mean one thing… Sakamoto got out of his cave! Some of these things were set in motion before the week, but some of the most rewarding were spontaneous outings (Field Trips) that weren’t planned. Double tap Monday, I was fortunate enough to catch Daniel Morris Senior Partner […]


Interim Portland Police Chief Chris Uehara

Last night I participated in an event that commemorated the culmination of two communities caused by the tragic events of the September 11 Attacks 16-years ago. The highlight and most inspiring to hear was the 9/11 message Interim Portland Police Chief Chris Uehara shared with his Portland Police Bureau that he read aloud to us. […]


Google Alerts: Reputation Management

Bottom-Line, the one reason for me to utilize Google Alerts is Reputation Management for both my Clients and the many business properties I own or manage. Google Alerts and Reputation Management I Use Google Alerts and Reputation Management to Monitor Your Brand That’s it, end of the story; the number one reason I choose to […]


Edward Weston’s Darkroom on YouTube

I can’t express enough (hear my smiles) about how much I’ve been enjoying the diverse Content and Educational Benefits of lately. Yesterday, during my afternoon YouTube session, I discovered Advancing Your Photography channel’s video about “Photography Secrets of Edward Weston’s Darkroom“. Wow, I was just reminiscing with someone (I think it was Troutdale photographer, […]


How to Activate Google Alerts

Google Alerts are notifications (eMail) of search terms that are determined by you to find related information (items, people, names, etc.)  that fits best with your requested search terms. For example, you can set an alert to let you know when your name or business name is used by another online resource (… your competitor). […]