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Visual Content: By the Numbers

  It’s seems logical and we could probably guess by way of my perceptions of most Businesses and unfortunately Non Profit Organizations who need and could use the Impact that Visual Content provides most … I hear you… “What’s In It For Me?“   Anyone can do a quick Google-search and find all the data […]


A Visit with Eleanor Rice Davis

I was fortunate to not only be introduced to one of Oregon’s “Treasures” but I had an opportunity to sit and visit with Eleanor Rice Davis a few days ago. If it weren’t for Mom 2.0 (aka Jean Matsumoto) and playwright Jeanne Sakata, I probably would have missed this opportunity to visit Oregon-Treasure, Eleanor Rice […]


Food is Fuel

Food is Fuel, Not a Reward Food is Fuel, not a Reward. I know some of you are sucking the sugar out of your teeth from your morning donut this morning; just like you’re likely to do most mornings along with several others who don’t respect their “Temples”; their Bodies (engines).   We love Pork […]


Lemon Water

Lemon Water: A Glass A Day I’ve wanted to include Lemon Water in my Daily Health Regimen for a long time now, so let’s get started… and, I’d be adding ginger too.   Lemon Infused Water is one of the most overlooked and easiest to fix. The easy benefit is… Hydration.   Although one glass […]


Portland Downtowner: The Young and the Restless, circa 1994

I’m a Broken Record. I’m still “Walking the Same Talk”. Oh My, look what I found in the archives; Way back when Portland used to have a publication that covered local “Happening” news, maybe a precursor to Willamette Week. Anyway, here’s a section from an old Downtowner Magazine from February 21, 1994. That’s 22 years […]


Sakamoto: A Front-Row Seat, A Dream Come True

I’m a born and raised Portland Native and damn proud of it. Even when I had an opportunity go to Chicago or New York fresh out of Art School (Graphic Design), to learn from the best in the Advertising Business way back in in the late 70s, I choose to stay in Portland because in […]


Portland Police: A Ride-Along Opportunity

  When I first met Portland Police Assistant Cheif, Chris Uehara at the Muslim Educational Trusts Building Bridges Summit, I understood pretty quickly that after his exposure to Oregon as a student at Pacific University in Forest Grove, he was hooked on Oregon and on Portland. Chris is a good fit for Portland, Oregon and […]


Chris Uehara: Pink October PDX

The other day I wrote about my awesome Tuesday; one of the best days I’ve had in a long, long time — I was on the correct path that day and feeling good about it. My highlight today was meeting and conversing with Assistant Portland Police Chief, Chris Uehara. A few weeks ago I was […]


Crunchy Cauliflower

It’s no secret that AAA Personality-Types love crunchy foods and I’m no different. A couple of days ago I was the recipient of a bag of cauliflower florets, so I jumped right in… I’ve wanted to try this for ages now; so I roasted a few…   These are super Easy, Delicious and Fun to […]