Sardines: Protein in a Can; New Old Foods to Get Back on the Menu

Fish, Protein, Sardines, Omega 3

I don’t know why I’ve forgotten about these little gems of the sea (Sardines: Protein in a Can); I’ve been happily preoccupied playing with my electric pressure cooker with “Traditional” ingredients like beef and chicken and totally forgetting about these puppies; Sardines; Protein in a Can.

Sardines: Protein in a Can

Lately, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends trying to stay fresh and creative producing and publishing Marketing Content. This has been leaving me little time to post some fun stuff like the Epiphany I had this morning. Because my mind has been so occupied with Creative Free-Thinking, I’ve found that my nutrition suffers. I get lazy, run out of time, and/or totally unprepared for sustaining my “Good” calories — not planning my meals for strategic calorie intake.

So, pondering what I was going to easily prepare and eat this morning as in the “Grab N Eat” kind, I thought back to my art school days when I could be found with a bagel slathered with cream cheese stacked with a couple of canned sardines and a few slices of onions; I was a well-fed and happy. Why not now?
Fish, Protein, Sardines, Omega 3After some looking around via Google this morning, I found several “Tasty” ideas to help me incorporate Sardines back into the Sakamoto Kitchen. But, more importantly, sardine’s nutrients are what REMINDED me that Sardines need to be seriously considered and back on the Sakamoto’s Nutritional Repertoire. Sardines are one of the highest sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids; good enough for me, let’s do it.

Now, I can see some of you wrinkling your noses and making faces about eating sardines, but hey, there are many ways to prepare sardines other than traditional European Methods. Try something different with Asian Flavors instead, or just head on over to Pinterest and discover for yourself.
Fish, Protein, Sardines, Omega 3

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