Pork Belly, Taiwanese Pork Bun, Pork Bun

I May Have Pork Belly Problem; I Can't Stop Thinking About Pork Buns (Bao)

Beautiful, tender, succulent, melt-in-your-mouth Pork Belly.…
Good People, Portland Oregon, Scott Sakamoto

Good People: More of You Need to "Find" Folks like Nate

I've known Nate for about 20-years now. I first met Nate back…
DAvid Wise, Bad Turns, Scott sakamoto, Portland oregon

Bad Turns: I've Made So Many, I Think I'll Go Straight From Now On

When you've made as many Bad Turns as I have over the years... Well,…
Answers, Bad Haiku, Leadership

Who Needs Answers

Who needs an Answer When you can have a Question Is that what…
Permission, Success, Leadership

You Have Permission to Succeed -- Always

Today, I Give You Permission to Fly Have you ever wondered…
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First Steps: I'm a Professional Stumbler

I was just reminded that I'm a Professional Stumbler
Production, Produce, Time Management, Efficiency, One and Done

Time Management Production: Part 3 - I'm a Creative Production Beast

My Time Management Allows Me to Be Focused and Allows Me to…
Make It Count, Time Management, Efficiency, One and Done

Time Management: Part 2 - Make It Count

I Took a Hard Look At My Time Management Guess What, I Was Fooling…
Time Management, Efficiency, One and Done

Time Management: What Did You Accomplish or Produce Today. Part 1

So, Be Honest... Time Management: Are You Really Accountable…
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Knots So Fast...
A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to the Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube…

Knots and Learning New Things A funny thing happened on my…
Website Speed, Conversions, Calls to Action, Website Optimization

Speed, Speed, Speed... Website Speed for Optimal Conversions

I’m Obsessed with SPEED; Website Speed I just launched…
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Sakamoto Style: So, You Want to Work With Me... What Does That Mean?

Sakamoto Style Over the past couple of weeks, I have spoken…
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2017 Karma: So, How's That Been Working Out For You Lately?

  Because of recent current events featuring you-know-who…
LinkedIn, LinkedIn Best Practices, LinkedIn Manners, LinkedIn Etiquette

Linkedin Manners: Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again; My Annual Rant About LinkedIn Manners Sorry…
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Sakamoto Style Mantras: Words I Live My Life By

Sakamoto Mantras Sakamoto Mantras, Sakamoto-isms, etither…
Rope, Opportunity, Missed Opportunity

I'll Give You All the Rope You Need

  I originally wrote this in 2015; and that was after…

Sardines: Protein in a Can; New Old Foods to Get Back on the Menu

I don't know why I've forgotten about these little gems of…

LinkedIn Profiles:
3 Things to DO NOW to Get the Most Out of Your Professional LinkedIn Profile

Is your Professional Business LinkedIn Profile Performance…