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I Flew with an Eagle Yesterday and I Don't Know If She Knows It Yet

I experienced a wonderful surprise at lunch yesterday. I had…
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Now What: Evolving Your LinkedIn Content Marketing Efforts

I think we can all agree that LinkedIn has grown to be a credible…
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Sakamoto's Top-10 LinkedIn Best Practices for a Professional Business Profile;

Those who have spent any time around me since the daunting…
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Your LinkedIn Profile: I'm Looking for "TOP" Talent,
What's Your LinkedIn Profile Say About You

  So, You think your professional LinkedIn profile…
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Why Kendo Training Still Matters

Never mind that I spent my early adult years getting beat…
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Tabatas: High-Intensity Interval-Training

I've Been Ignoring Tabatas For Way Way Too Long Tabata training…

Recovery Meal: Ground Lamb Lentil Stew

The Perfect Recovery Meal So, what should we consider for…

Of All the Reasons to Love Nedspace... It's All About the Food

One of the things I absolutely #Love about hanging out at Nedspace…

Thanks for the Cherry Trees Dad

Updated and republished from "Portland Waterfront March Cherry…
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Newsletters and Content Marketing... Really?

  So, this is the inaugural launch of the topic on…
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Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks: Keep Up the Great Work - You know who you…
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SuperSet Part 2: Don't Try This At Home

SuperSet: The Only Way to Improve and Grow is to PUSH Those…
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SuperSet Part 1:I Got My Ass Kicked by 8th-Grade Calisthenic Exercise

aka: #SakamotoStyle Cardio and my Introduction to Tabata At…
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Part 3: What's Your Beef

#SakamotoRule | #SakamotoKitchen | #SakamotoStyle: During…
Lean Beef, Beef, Steak, Rib Eye Steak

Part 2: What's Your Beef

Beef: Not All Cow-Parts are Created Equal Hint: It's Not Rocket…
Daniel Morris, Advise, Off the Grid

Advice from Daniel Morris

When my smart friends recommend that I consider a "Concept",…
Lean Beef, Beef, Steak, Rib Eye Steak

Part 1: What's Your Beef

Bad Choices: Sometimes (Use Your Head) I'm Convinced; Smart…
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Obama: Leadership | Sacrifice | Grace

Thank You, Barack Obama & Family. By the time I hit the…