Chris Uehara, Pink October, Portland Oregon, Portland Police,

Chris Uehara: Pink October PDX

The other day I wrote about my awesome Tuesday; one of the…
Tuesday, ride-along, Kiyokawa Orchards , Portland Police, Honey Crisp Apples,

Best Tuesday in a Long Time

I had the most amazing Tuesday today that started with long-time…
Cauliflower, Cruciferous Vegetables, Healthy Snacks

Crunchy Cauliflower

It’s no secret that AAA Personality-Types love crunchy foods…
Jean Matsumoto, Portland, Oregon, JACL

Jean Matsumoto: Mom 2.0 Got Me Out of the Cave

Mom 2.0 (aka Jean Matsumoto) Got Me Out of the Cave Last Night and I've been shamed. I don't know how these Nikkei Ladies get their energy. I've seen the same "Energizer Bunny Energy" in Mom 1.0 too... Amazing.
Balance, Brain Karsten, Workout

Balance with Brian Karsten

This is largely re-posted from the…
Inspiration, Mojo, Pig, Pig Face

Mojo: I'm Not Feeling It Today

I Lost My Mojo Today Time to ReBoot Fuel: Eat Breakfast Workout: get some Oxygen Talk to some People: Stimulate my Brain Redefine my Working & Living Space: Clean 2:00p Done: Go Play, Goof-Off
Steve Jobs, Design, Scott Sakamoto, Graphic Design, Portland Oregon

Design: a Reminder from Steve Jobs

Design is NOT just what it looks like and feels like -- DESIGN is HOW IT WORKS
Dan Ariely, Behavior, Work Behavior, Business Psychology, Honesty

Motivation: Visiting with an old friend, Dan Ariely

What Motivates Us to Work? or Why Even Try... It's been awhile…
Karma, Behavior, Good Behavior

Your Karma: So, How Have You Been Behaving Lately?

Your Karma is your own personal look into the reality-mirror and seeing the inner you expressing itself within time and space.
Entitlement, Privilege, White Privilege, Dominant Culture

Entitlement: Something for Nothing

Entitlement Is A Stinky Cologne
Ice Cream, Premium Ice Cream, Expensive Ice Cream, Ben and Jerry's, Ben & Jerrys

What's With All the Expensive Ice Cream Recently

I fell for the reduced ice cream prices Ben & Jerry's ran long…
Bees, Honey Bee,

Honey Bees and 3 World Challenges We Should Be Mindful Of

Your Front Lawn is a Desert to Honey Bees Plant Flowers I…