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Hanging Out with Cigar Sensei (Aficionado) Mark Dikeos

I was hanging out with Cigar Sensei (Aficionado) Mark Dikeos of Pacific Motorsports fame yesterday at my new “Smoking Office” (The Chamber at 9900). All I can say is that I have a half page of notes.

Mark Dikeos Cigar Secrets: As I Suspected …

I have long suspected that “Master” cigar smokers have their secret sources for “Premium” cigars. It turns out I was correct. Your secrets are safe with me.

Thank you for the fine Stick. This looks to be a heady smoke with deep full-bodied flavors. It looks like this is a relative to the Don Pepin I was enjoying yesterday.

My Father, Le Bijou
Wrapper: Habano Oscuro
Origin: Nicaragua

Thank you! I can’t wait to light it up.

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