Summer Fitness, Physical Fitness, Workout

I'm a Procrastinator. It's time to ReBoot my Workouts for My Summer Fitness Goals

ReBoot: It's Time for Summer Fitness (Physical and Mental) and…
New Business, Passive Income, Puff Sumo, distracted

I've Been Distracted, But Productive

Oh My! I've been Distracted It's been a little over a month…
Scott Sakamoto, summer Office, Golf, Pumpkin Ridge

It's Masters Golf Weekend ... I'm Getting the Golf-Bug Again

It's Masters Golf Weekend ... I'm Feeling the Golf-Bug Again…
Mark Dikeos, Pacific Motorsports, Portland, Oregon, BMW, Repair, Maintenance

Hanging Out with Cigar Sensei (Aficionado) Mark Dikeos

I was hanging out with Cigar Sensei (Aficionado) Mark Dikeos…

Obsolescence of Warriors

Obsolescence of Warriors "Tending the garden is a relaxing pastime,…
Procrastinator, 100 Days

100 Days: I'm Human, I'm a Procrastinator

I'm a Procrastinator Full disclosure; guess what I was supposed…
Asian American Experience, Matt Chan, Miyoshi Umeki, Portland, Oregon, Sayonara

Good Times and More Work or Things to Think About... The Asian American Experience with Matt Chan

High-school bud Matt Chan was in town the other day. Cigars at…
Martial Artist, Probable Reality

I Declare: I'm No Longer a Martial Artist

I have discovered that I have the ability to create a Probable…
Chili Oil, Creo Chocolate, Field Trips, Jeffrey Niiya, NedSpace, Portland Police Bureau, Sao Noi, World Foods

Field Trip - I Think I Found My Happy Place

A Stimulating Week For Sure This can only mean one thing...…
Leadership, Nationalism, Trump Nationalist

Trump’s Nationalism is Impervious to Responsible Leadership

It's a White Man's World Out There Let’s face it; I have…
Creativity, Curiosity, Right Brain

A Last Blink at 2017

Farewell 2017. You taught me well A lot has happened since…
Chris Uehara, Portland Police Bureau, Portland Oregon

Interim Portland Police Chief Chris Uehara

Last night I participated in an event that commemorated the…
9/11, September 11 Attacks

9/11 was Sixteen Years Ago, I Remember It Like Yesterday

I remember all too well what I saw and watched in disbelief during…
Ranch 99, Asian Groceries, Asian Grocery Store, Grand Opening

Beware: Ranch 99 Grand Opening, Crowded Parking Lots, and First Gen Asian Drivers

  As I work on my "Chill", I'm discovering more passive…
Edward Weston, Photography

Edward Weston's Darkroom on YouTube

I can't express enough (hear my smiles) about how much I've…
Google, Google Alerts, Google Search, Google-Fu

Google Alerts: Google is God, or Santa Clause... Whichever

I’ve met with several individuals who are, or about to become…
Bill Ray, Portland, Oregon

Bill Ray, I Look Forward to Getting to Know You Better

I just met Bill Ray yesterday, a hidden Community Elder, and…
Hong Kong, Graphic Design, Scott Sakamoto, Graphic Designer, Art Director, CreativeStrategist

Hong Kong Graphic Design

I've been enjoying my afternoons visiting and learning…