Content: Visual or Text; What Resonates

On the way down from the mountain yesterday, as usual, Kurt and I were brainstorming on how to Optimize our “World” — just about everything we come into contact with; how can we make it better or more efficient.

Visual Content, Text ContentThen it hit me, we’ve been trying to convince folks that things “We” deem easy and simple are hard and maybe intimidating for others.
I make the statement; “That’s why Instagram is so easy and quick for me…” A nod of the head from Kurt and I’m thinking to myself…
If other’s see “Value” in what I do; Visual Communications (as a formally trained and educated Graphic Designer; yes I went to Art School), then I probably should start providing web content that exemplifies this. I love Instagram. Which means I’m having fun creating content with it.


Is This a Good idea to Pursue?

After all, my past experience indicated that nowadays “Everybody” thinks they’re an Art Director, Copywriter, Website Designer, or Photographer, Is there “Respect” for the craft I practice?
Visual Content vs. Text: What does the brain see first and comprehend
I’ve always professed that Visual Content (Stimulation) gets the prize over plain text content. One would think that Visual stimulation over text translations would allow our brains to consume material with more speed and ease.
BUT… There’s always a But. One Size Does Not Fit All
What kind of Visual Content? Hopefully, it’s the kind that’s appropriate for your Business Goals and Relationships and most importantly, Content that resonates with your audience.
This is the tip of this iceberg… More to come soon
Hint: since 2013 Twitter has allowed inline images to accompany your Tweets. Enough time has elapsed, so we should have some good data. You should check it out for yourself. Google it.

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