The Internet Provides Digital Tools and Techniques that are available and affordable Google Internet Tools and “New” Techniques

Brand Development, Graphic Guidelines, Logo Design

Why I Give My Logo Work Away for Free (not really)

Let’s agree on this premise: There are no FREE “Prime-Beef”…
Routine, Efficiency, Groundhog Day

GroundHog Days: I Have A "Natural" Routine

Lo and Behold, I have discovered that I have a natural Routine.…
Google Alerts, Reputation Management

Google Alerts: Reputation Management

Bottom-Line, the one reason for me to utilize Google Alerts…
Edward Weston, Photography

Edward Weston's Darkroom on YouTube

I can't express enough (hear my smiles) about how much I've…

Facebook Business Pages What Am I Going to Do With You

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Facebook had made…
Google, Google Alerts, Google Search, Google-Fu

How to Activate Google Alerts

Google Alerts are notifications (eMail) of search terms that…
Ray Kroc, The Founder, Big Mac, Royal Cheese, Le Big Mac

Ray Kroc: Le Big Mac, Royale with Cheese and Pulp Fiction

Ray Kroc: Big Mac, 1976 A few weeks ago, I was reminiscing with…
Google, Google Alerts, Google Search, Google-Fu

Google Alerts: Google is God, or Santa Clause... Whichever

I’ve met with several individuals who are, or about to become…
Hong Kong, Graphic Design, Scott Sakamoto, Graphic Designer, Art Director, CreativeStrategist

Hong Kong Graphic Design

I've been enjoying my afternoons visiting and learning…
Creative Strategist, Creative, Creative Director, MAB, Business

Right-Hand, Meet the Left-Hand, I'm a Creative Strategist

Full disclosure; I was supposed to be a Doctor, Dentist or a…
Minimum Viable Product, MVP, MAYA, MAYA Principle

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

So, after a quick eMail exchange with Kurt Sussman this morning…
Good Enough, MAYA

When Good Is Good Enough

I don't know about you, but I'm all about accepting "Good Enough"…

What Are You Going to Create, Produce, and Publish Today

or... Are you suffering from "Paralysis by Analysis" and can't…
Lin Carson, Phd Lin Carson, Bakerpedia, Portland, Oregon

Lin Carson: Eat Bread 90

What? Lin Carson you're going to do WHAT? 90 Days of Bread…
Colleen Cahill, Portland, Oregon, Troutdale,
Colleen Cahill, Getty Images, Business Photography, Profile Image

I'm Mind-Melding with Photographer Colleen Cahill Tomorrow

I’m Mind-Melding with photographer extraordinaire Colleen…
Production, Produce, Time Management, Efficiency, One and Done

Time Management Production: Part 3 - I'm a Creative Production Beast

My Time Management Allows Me to Be Focused and Allows Me to…
Make It Count, Time Management, Efficiency, One and Done

Time Management: Part 2 - Make It Count

I Took a Hard Look At My Time Management Guess What, I Was Fooling…