First Steps: I’m a Professional Stumbler

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First Steps: Happy Monday

I was just reminded that I’m a Professional Stumbler

It often pays to visit with old friends from time to time. One of the ways I start every morning besides reading and catching up on the news is to find some Peace and Motivation before I make my first steps and venture into my day.

I’m working on this; it didn’t come easy for me at first because I am known to have NO PATIENCE. I started to recognize this “fault” in 2007-2008 when the concept of “Baby-Steps” entered into my mind and vocabulary. I have since been trying to learn to slow down (good luck with that) or at least I know intellectually that Everybody has to start with their own “First Steps” when they are “Ready” (thank you LB). This doesn’t mean that I have to wait for them… Keep moving forward.

first steps, Getting Started, Start,Visting with Seth Godin
A Professional Stumbler

By Seth Godin

“Leo’s working hard to do something he’s never done before. He’s just turned one, and he doesn’t know how to walk (yet)…

“…But he persists…”

And the moral of the story…

You and I probably learned how to walk the same or similar way. In fact, this is the way (Path) I learned how to do just about everything important.

Our First Steps are by Doing It

Now Get Busy. I DO NOT LISTEN to Excuses
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