Time Management Production: Part 3 – I’m a Creative Production Beast

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My Time Management Allows Me to Be Focused and Allows Me to Be the Production Beast That I Am

Yep, the cat’s out of the bag. Although many of you who are observant can see from timestamps on my eMails that I awake before many of you do. I discovered many years ago that I have the inability to stay asleep. The diagnosis is that I have “High-Tech Depression”. The “Doc” says I’m a poster child for this…”Huh”?

time management production, Brain, OverAchiever, Production, ProduceI’m An Overacheiver

Genetics, Fear of Failure, and a Tiger Mom made me who I am today. An “Oxymoronic-Conundrum: With Too Many Ideas, Not enough Time to Hatch Them” (from my Instagram Profile). Every morning, as soon as I get a glimmer of a conscious thought, I’m Up! I have learned NOT to try to get back to sleep; a waste of time as it only provides fitful rest at best.

I Incubate, Prioritize, Get Up and Greet “MY Day” With Gusto…

All while on my back straining to hear the first bird songs of the morning. I have now accomplished my first time management production task for the morning; After a stanza or two of morning bird songs, I walk 15 steps to my office and turn on my computer; lick my chops because after I start my morning caffeine, I’m ready to go; I already have my creative ideas queued up and I’m anxious to try them out and produce them… After I create them (remember First Steps from Seth Godin).
Brain, OverAchiever, Production, Produce

Peace and Quiet, No Distractions, and, Guess What, I Might Be Done By Noon

Food is Fuel, Time Management, Production, ProduceSo, Guess What Happens At 3:00 O’clock Every Morning (usually)? I get a ton of stuff Incubated, Vetted, Produced and Published; and I usually work straight through with usually these needed short breaks:

  1. 06:00a Meal One (usually The Sakamoto Quater-Pounder)
  2. 08:00a Meal Two (Oatmeal Goop)
  3. 10:00a Meal Three (think Dinner for Breakfast)
  4. 12:00p Meal Four (could be with you or something Fancy from the #SakamotKitchen)

I try not to eat past 5:00p because I likely will not have the time or ability to burn off those calories before I go to bed in a few hours. This is also the very reason I no longer consume alcohol on a regular basis; because typically what are we going to do shortly after we consume these “Empty Calories”… and what does it turn into? FAT

Play Hard, Work Harder

So, there you have it. The way I start my day and prepare myself to perform at my Optimal-Level. I know this is probably a unique schedule, but it works for me, it’s NOT for everyone. But, if you want to meet me at the top, you had better start to do something EXCEPTIONAL or get used to looking at my Tracks (after I break the Trail).
Break Trail, Production, Produce, Time Management, Efficiency, One and Done

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