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Thank You, Barack Obama & Family.

By the time I hit the “Publish” button, Barack Obama and Family will on their way to their well deserved personal freedom and out from under the Microscope. 1

Whew, you made it without scandal, with integrity and with your head held high toward a higher standard, a higher bar (level of performance). It was great to experience Intelligent, Educated, Considerate Leadership; one that I thought I would NEVER see with my own eyes and witness in my lifetime.

Barack Obama, President, United StatesI also thought that I’d NEVER in a Million Years that a person of color would EVER ascend to be the President of the United States of America; no sir, not in my lifetime. Wow, you did it and with Style and Grace from yourself and your whole family. Thank you for showing US (Communities of Color) that we just might have a chance in a White Dominated World that’s about to come down on us as we’re about to experience an Era of American-Disbelief in historic proportions; and from our perspective, a huge disaster and possible erosion of what we’ve worked so hard to overcome and CHANGE for the better as soon as you take your first steps toward Freedom. 2

We will miss you and what you contributed and meant to the Ideals of America and what it means to be a Modern American.

I will sincerely Hope for the Best and walk a path that encourages Peace — For I was fortunate enough to witness a person of color in the White House during my lifetime and that will drive my Passion … and I will remember, Anything Can Happen.

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