Happy Monday: I’m a Sloucher; and I’m Going to Fix It

Computer Posture, Slouch, Sloucher


Computer Posture, Slouch, SloucherI have been spending a TON of TIME SLOUCHED over my Desk these past few months. What’s worse is that I’m in this hunched-over position for most of the day until I stand up. What I’ve been experiencing lately is my Slow-to-Rise and cautious movement eventually resulting in a reasonable and sometimes painful version of erect posture.
So, I’m guessing my buddy Kurt Sussman at “neophilac.org” might have noticed my “weakness” because he sent me this article and video of Steve Maxell’s concepts of “Basic Movements” to help save me from by bad habits.
Those who know me know that I wouldn’t share this with you unless I thought it fit into my “Program of Easy”. Not only are these “Simple” in concept (they are not necessarily easy to execute) but it works. By the time you finish this 7-minute routine, you’ll be able to see a difference in your posture — Amazing!

Steve Maxell calls this the “The Vestibular Reset
(Men’s Health, Christopher McDougall article; Sitting Wrecks Your Body. More Standing Isn’t the Solution.)
Read Christopher McDougall’s article and check out this video and then let me know if you agree or not.

    1:15: The Movements
    1:30: Rolling Over
    1:50: Advanced Roll Over
    2:10: Rocking
    2:40: Baby Crawl
    3:30: SEE The Results; from one session

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