Your Fitness Health Affects the Way You Do Business

Summer Fitness, Physical Fitness, Workout

I'm a Procrastinator. It's time to ReBoot my Workouts for My Summer Fitness Goals

ReBoot: It's Time for Summer Fitness (Physical and Mental) and…
Scott Sakamoto, summer Office, Golf, Pumpkin Ridge

It's Masters Golf Weekend ... I'm Getting the Golf-Bug Again

It's Masters Golf Weekend ... I'm Feeling the Golf-Bug Again…
Procrastinator, 100 Days

100 Days: I'm Human, I'm a Procrastinator

I'm a Procrastinator Full disclosure; guess what I was supposed…
100 Days, Burpees, Push ups, Squats

What Can Happen in 100-Days

Before I reveal what I’m thinking, let’s cover some background. First,…
Martial Artist, Probable Reality

I Declare: I'm No Longer a Martial Artist

I have discovered that I have the ability to create a Probable…
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Workout: Get Going, I'm Getting My Butt To the Gym Today

I need to get my ass in gear and get my workout going again. I've…
Lin Carson, Phd Lin Carson, Bakerpedia, Portland, Oregon

Lin Carson: Eat Bread 90

What? Lin Carson you're going to do WHAT? 90 Days of Bread…
Hamlet, Salt and Sage Productions, Heath Hyun, Sara Fay, Portland, Oregon

Hamlet Opening Weekend: An Evening Out of My Cave and a New Discovery

Hamlet: "...revenge should have no bounds..." - Shakespeare I…
Good People, Portland Oregon, Scott Sakamoto

Good People: More of You Need to "Find" Folks like Nate

I've known Nate for about 20-years now. I first met Nate back…
Knots, Learning, Bushcraft, Bushwacker

Knots So Fast...
A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to the Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube…

Knots and Learning New Things A funny thing happened on my…
Scott Sakamoto, SakamotoSytle, Sakamoto Mantra, Mantras

Sakamoto Style Mantras: Words I Live My Life By

Sakamoto Mantras Sakamoto Mantras, Sakamoto-isms, etither…
Kendo, Kendo Training, Kendo Tabatas

Why Kendo Training Still Matters

Never mind that I spent my early adult years getting beat…
Tabatas, HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training

Tabatas: High-Intensity Interval-Training

I've Been Ignoring Tabatas For Way Way Too Long Tabata training…

Recovery Meal: Ground Lamb Lentil Stew

The Perfect Recovery Meal So, what should we consider for…
Tabata, Tabatas, Jumping Jacks, Cardio

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks: Keep Up the Great Work - You know who you…
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SuperSet Part 2: Don't Try This At Home

SuperSet: The Only Way to Improve and Grow is to PUSH Those…
Jumping Jacks, Cardio, Tabatas,

SuperSet Part 1:I Got My Ass Kicked by 8th-Grade Calisthenic Exercise

aka: #SakamotoStyle Cardio and my Introduction to Tabata At…
Kendo, Practice, Training, Mou Ichido Kudasai

Mou Ichido Kudasai: One More Time

Practice...One More Time! ... Again! Sometimes when our life…