Ride-Along: It’s Friggin’ Freezing Outside

Ride-Along, Freezing Weather, Homeless,

Let it Snow

Ride-Along, Freezing Weather, Homeless, Officer Shaun Sahli, Portland Police Bureau, PPBThe wind has been howling since yesterday and this Thursday morning all the Winter Storm Warnings are in full effect. With the wind chill creating dangerous conditions outdoors (at 11:30a it’s 34°F with the wind chill; 22°F), I can’t help but wonder about those who are not able to find shelter.
I Think I’m Going to Have My Heart Broken Tomorrow
I’m scheduled to go on a Ride-Along with Portland Police Officer Shaun Sahli from the Neighborhood Response Team Office. Chris Uehara and I have been trying to get my Ride-Alongs back on schedule.

A thought did pass briefly through my mind about postponing this visit, but I immediately rejected that thought because what better time to experience the “Reality” of those who have No Choice; both the Officers I will be with and those who they Protect and Serve… “Regardless“.
Ride-Along, Freezing Weather, Homeless, Erin Skinner

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