Edward Weston, Photography

Edward Weston's Darkroom on YouTube

I can't express enough (hear my smiles) about how much I've…
Bill Ray, Portland, Oregon

Bill Ray, I Look Forward to Getting to Know You Better

I just met Bill Ray yesterday, a hidden Community Elder, and…

Thanks for the Cherry Trees Dad

Updated and republished from "Portland Waterfront March Cherry…
William Hilliard, Oregonian, Portland Oregon

William Hilliard: My Hero 1927 - 2017

Hilliard with Gov. Holmes and his assistant Harry Swanson at…
Martin Luther King Jr. MLK

2017: Martin Luther King Jr.

Remember the Man: Martin Luther King Jr. January 16, 2017 Today,…
Jean Matsumoto, Eleanor Rice Davis, Ryun Yu (Gordon Hirabayashi, “Hold These Truths”), and Jeanne Sakata (playwright, “Hold These Truths”)

A Visit with Eleanor Rice Davis

I was fortunate to not only be introduced to one of Oregon's…
Jean Matsumoto, Portland, Oregon, JACL

Jean Matsumoto: Mom 2.0 Got Me Out of the Cave

Mom 2.0 (aka Jean Matsumoto) Got Me Out of the Cave Last Night and I've been shamed. I don't know how these Nikkei Ladies get their energy. I've seen the same "Energizer Bunny Energy" in Mom 1.0 too... Amazing.
Steve Jobs, Design, Scott Sakamoto, Graphic Design, Portland Oregon

Design: a Reminder from Steve Jobs

Design is NOT just what it looks like and feels like -- DESIGN is HOW IT WORKS