Bill Ray, I Look Forward to Getting to Know You Better

Bill Ray, Portland, Oregon
I just met Bill Ray yesterday, a hidden Community Elder, and a member of The Klamath Tribes who I respectfully recognize.

Bill Ray, It’s Been a Long Time Coming

I’ve known of Bill Ray via my buddy Dan Morris of Morris+D’Angelo for several years now and I just haven’t made the time to physically connect the dots with a handshake. Finally, Bill; it was a pleasure speaking with you and getting to know you yesterday at breakfast.

Guilty By Association

Bill Ray, Portland, OregonJust by knowing the quality of the person; Dan Morris, I projected a good guess that the husband of Dan’s Mother would be able to stand on his on too. I was correct. I’ll skip my personal reasons for wanting to connect with Bill, I’ll save that for another time. Here’s what I discovered yesterday that I had guessed all along.

Bill Ray, Community Elder, Future #SakamotoStyle Hero
Bill, born in Chiloquin, Oregon is an enrolled member of The Klamath Tribes. Further, He was a Research Fellow at the Newberry Library Center for the History of the American Indian, Community Development Specialist for the Affiliated Tribes of the Northwest Indians, Served on the Board of the Portland Art Museum, President, Native American Art Council, Chair, Native American Youth & Family Center (NAYA), and much more.

Bill, I have a strong feeling that you and I will be sharing many meals together.


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