2017: Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr., MLK, Social Justice

Remember the Man: Martin Luther King Jr.
January 16, 2017

Today, I remember the Man who became my “Real” inspirational hero and who also helped shaped my view (perspective) on how we should treat and respect our Neighbors toward strengthening our Communities.

I won’t forget.

Hope is NOT a Strategy; Get to Work

Martin Luther King Jr. MLKGrowing up in “Conservative” East Multnomah County (Portland, Oregon) in the mid to late 1950s and grade school at a time when my childhood heroes were Superman (George Reeves) and The Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore) and his “marginalized” sidekick Tanto (Jay Silverheels). — Yes, even as a youngster I was able to detect how some of us were treated “differently”.
I remember all too well; jumping on my Japanese Grandmother’s furniture with a butter knife clenched between my teeth as I pretended to be Tarzan; being careful to not touch the floor as I jumped from sofa to coffee table to chair… I was… “Full of Energy”.
It was at that early age when I REALIZED that none of my heroes looked like me EXCEPT for Tanto (Jay Silverheels) although Tarzan came close maybe because of his ability to communicate with animals, I don’t know exactly, but Tarzan was different from the other White Men. — But, Tanto definitely looked more like me even more so than the stupid character in Charlie Chan movies (don’t get me going on Hollywood “Whitewashing”). I never did like those movies; they were always “Stupid”. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid — they were insulting to me (even way back then), they didn’t make sense to me.
Anyway, all of a sudden there was this “Man” who I would see and hear about on the evening news; and as I paid attention and eventually understood, this “Man” would eventually become a “Voice” for Me and My Generation and I hope for many to come.
I can’t help but wonder where I would be without the words and inspiration from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It wouldn’t be for another Decade or so before I found out the truth about the imprisonment of Japanese Americans during WWII and the ensuing Japanese American Story.
So, before I loose faith for what is about to happen in America, I wanted to acknowledge and Thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for showing me the way.

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