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What’s the “Meet” of the “Matter”; How Do You Take Notes

I was asked to design Notepad-Pages for Meeting-Notes the other day.

What an interesting “Print” project. As you know, I’ve developed a Strong Passion for all things Internet since 2008, so this opportunity brings back many old memories… Design is a Process… (Contrary to Belief, Designers don’t get to push a button and “Poof”, magic happens)

What’s the “Meet” of the “Matter”?

scott-sakamoto_blogspot_right-brain-notesForm Follows Function. Hmmmm, I should have known. Boy, did I open up a can of opinions on this Topic; “Note Taking” is a Science or at least some people think it is. I’ll speak for the Right-Brained folks; “Huh?”

I’ve heard of those “Note-Taking Systems” that promise better organization, comprehension, etc. There are several available, like Mead Cambridge, Covey Franklin, Office Depot; the list goes on along with their own unique techniques for using their note-taking product.

But Wait, One Size Does Not Fit All

First, Let’s agree to this; the point of a business meeting is to identify or confirm Action Items. To conduct a meeting of any kind (phone meeting and phone conferences included) if Meeting Leadership just talks to hear themselves speak about how important they are, then nothing is solved, implemented, or recorded except the ME, Me, me, me, me.

Audio Recording, Notes, DropVoxSo now the question becomes: How do I take good notes in meetings, phone calls, or conferences without becoming overwhelmed and to actually be able to participate in the conversation instead of consumed with taking notes?

I’ve discovered that there are basically 5 different types of note-taking styles; my favorite… “Sakamoto-Style”, Record it and make time-notations by my quickly written simple notes. This allows me to revisit “specific” portions (time notated) of the “Conversation” that I’ve deemed important. This allows me to stay focused and more importantly, allows me to “Engaged” with my Customer instead of distracting myself with note-taking busy work. The end result will be an efficient and effective delivery of the requested work. Using Time Efficiently and Effectively will Save Time meaning saving and stretching YOUR Marketing Budget.

Top 5 Note Taking Methods: What’s The Best Method for You? 1

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