I’m Mind-Melding with Photographer Colleen Cahill Tomorrow

Colleen Cahill, Getty Images, Business Photography, Profile Image
I’m Mind-Melding with photographer extraordinaire Colleen Cahill tomorrow (@ColleenCahillStudios).

I’ve known of Colleen Cahill and The Historic Cedar School for a while now (@TheCedarSchool) via her ever-smiling sister Della Shanley (@DraeShanley, @UpstageEventsPDX).

Colleen Cahill, Getty Images, Business Photography, Profile ImageAs a formally trained and educated Photographer and Graphic Designer, I have always had a passion for the Visual Arts and to the point, Photography (when done well by talented folks). A couple of years ago I attempted to create a photography platform that would provide affordable Professional Profile Images for your LinkedIn Profile and Business Environmental Images for your Websites. Tomorrow’s conversation with Colleen may lead me down the same path, or, something totally new and exciting.

Stay Tuned, we’ll see what creative minds bring to the table tomorrow.

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