Your LinkedIn Profile: I’m Looking for “TOP” Talent,
What’s Your LinkedIn Profile Say About You

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So, You think your professional LinkedIn profile is up-to-speed and optimized for the kind of performance you’re hoping for? Or… is your LinkedIn profile “JUST” about “YOU” (your EGO)?

If so… What’s in it for ME? Does Your Business Profile Tell Me What can YOU Do for My Business Objectives and ME?

As an early adopter and advocate of Professional LinkedIn Profiles for Business, I could easily launch into my personal bias about how most folks “Lazily” use LinkedIn and hope for the best. Instead, I’ll first relay what Professional Recruiters are looking for when they visit your Professional LinkedIn Profile; and, Oh, and by the way, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn last year (2016) for 26.2 Billion. That’s a lot of zeros; I think LinkedIn will be around for a while; Let’s pay attention to what Professional Recruiters are saying.

Recruiters and Businesses Are Looking for the Best Talent, Not Mediocre Talent

Mediocre, Average, T-ShirtI quickly discovered (no surprise) that the most offered advice from Recruiters, “Complete your Profile!” Nothing else will say more about your abilities as a Professional than an incomplete or sloppy business profile… Don’t be THAT person whose incomplete profile just gave me a reason to keep looking for someone else… “Next!”

You’re Accountable; Complete Your Professional Business Profile… Finish It!

LinkedIn’s own statistics confirm the completion gap when they tell us that “Only 50.5% of people have a 100% completed LinkedIn profile”. From PC Magazine, 77 percent of all job openings are posted on LinkedIn and 48 percent of recruiters post jobs solely on LinkedIn. Simply put, recruiters love LinkedIn. It simplifies their work, it costs less to use, and users can’t lie about their work experience when they have professional contacts who can view what they post.

LinkedIn, Business Profile, Business ReferralsIf you have a LinkedIn profile because you’re supposed to have one, you’re probably not going to make much progress with me. OK, maybe you won’t be totally ignored, but close to it if you think you’re privileged and entitled to success. There’s a whole lot more to the LinkedIn’s platform and optimizing your business availability and acumen than uploading your “old resume” and forgetting about it. I’m guessing you’re reading this because we’re working together or you’re a C-level executive who has consistently demonstrated to me your determination to succeed. Using LinkedIn to its full potential is one of the very first ways I can help you continue to become more successful in your professional career today and beyond.


Are You a LinkedIn All-Star? It’s Not Rocket Surgery

Let me share with you; it only takes seven key elements to having a completed LinkedIn Business profile. It must contain the following:

  1. Industry and Location
  2. An Up-to-Date Current Position (with a description)
  3. 2 Past Positions
  4. Education History
  5. Skills (minimum of three)
  6. Profile Photo (professional)
  7. Acquired 50 Connections

Need Help? Contact Me, Scott Sakamoto

I’ve been preaching Best LinkedIn Practices and “Walking My Talk” since the Economic Collapse of 2008 and I’ve benefited from my optimized LinkedIn Business Profile. I can show you how too. Now’s is the time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s try an experiment – Google your name. Are you on the first page of Google’s search results? Has your LinkedIn Profile appeared first? If the answer to both questions is NO, it’s probably because your LinkedIn Profile is incomplete. If you are not being found via LinkedIn searches, you are not being Found and Discovered and your LinkedIn Profile page stays comparatively dormant. That’s a problem when it comes to being indexed on the World-Wide Web. A Billion names are searched on Google every day. Most people including YOU only look at the first page of search results. LinkedIn Profiles rank higher than all other profiles including social networks and website builders ( If you’re not being found, you’re lost and in Limbo-Land.

I don’t think you have Customers you want there.

Up next, Scott Sakamoto’s Top 10 Best Linkedin Best Practices for Success

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