Facebook Business Pages What Am I Going to Do With You

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Facebook had made some changes last year regarding how we’re able to access and interact with our Facebook Business Page Content. OK, that was my alert (kick-in-the-butt) that I needed to further educate myself and probably restrategize on how I wanted to “Strategically” publish my content and somehow make it all work together on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with an occasional Google Plus post too.

Too Old, Gwen Farnham, Tanner, FacebookLast night on one of my very rare ventures out of the comfort and security of my computer pixels, I was in the company of my good friend Gwen Farnham who according to her college aged Son, on the topic of Facebook Business Pages; “Facebook is too old-fashioned”.

So What, He Doesn’t Own or Run a Business

On the surface, Facebook has been a fun way for me to “Connect” in as many different ways that I can think of to use and test it. I started my Facebook adventures with simple “Liking” that soon evolved to Expressions of my full-blown Opinions and connecting with some fun people along the way and reconnecting with those long past (think High School).

It’s been fun, now let’s start to use it for Business

I’ve been having a blast vetting some of my assumptions about Social Media over the past recent months and trying the “Big Four” (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) for my edification toward Business and Internet Marketing.

Now that I’ve recently finished and republished both this Website (www.ScottSakamoto.com) and Ronin Studios (my professional work Website), I’m ready to optimize my Internet Properties (Websites, Social Media, etc.) toward something that’s a little more focused and strategic. I will be separating my personal content from my business content, thus, the reason for the two separate Websites, www.ScottSakamoto.com (personal), and Ronin Studios (work).

Stay Tuned as I explore building some new Facebook Business Pages.

Thanks for the Smiles Gwen!

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