Good Enough, MAYA

When Good Is Good Enough

Good Enough, MAYA, Raymond LoewyI don’t know about you, but I’m all about accepting “Good Enough” at this point in my career. “Modern Content” is so transient; it only has to be effective for 3-5 seconds per click or Bounce

It Used to Be…

We used to have to Puff and Pontificate about what we knew and be fast to criticize lesser examples of “Amateur-Level-Work” to justify our existences; and further, discuss meaningless “smalltalk” topics like “what f-stop did you use” or worse yet, the poor printers who we ran in circles after hours spent on Press Checks back-in-the-day chasing Perfection… NOT.

When Good is Good Enough

As an art director, I used to fuss endlessly on-set seeking continuity or making sure Truck Fenders were at a “Perfect Chrome Polish” or when working on a layout, fussing until I was certain your eye would move the way I wanted it to. No more, No longer, Not necessary (read: Perfection is Overrated); AND, No More Press Checks!

I’m not saying that Accuracy or the Proper Product Positioning or Layout isn’t important… but when do we say “Enough-is-Enough”… Who’s going to notice; better yet, what is your Client willing to pay for these days with all the new Modern Tools that Modern Technology provides?

Ask yourself; how far down the “Rabbit-Hole” do you want to chase “Perfection”? Even if your clients won’t notice? Remember, your Creative-Deliverable is ALREADY above the Norm; Are you trying to drive yourself crazy seeking something not attainable?

So, aside from unscrupulous people who claim to be your “caring” Clients. Remember, they don’t look out for your best interests, they don’t have to. They’re in the Business of making money and so should you. Don’t let those who marginalize your talent wring every last bit of Creative Sweat you have out of you and get away with it ( Ronin Studios: If You’re a Bucket of Cold Water = Proceed with Caution).

Most Advanced Yet Acceptable (MAYA)

The MAYA Principle: Design for the Future, but Balance it with Your Users

I guess I’ve organically evolved this Design Principle from the 1950s Industrial Design guru Raymond Loewy over the years. I recently became formally familiar with Raymond Loewy’s MAYA Design Principle a few months ago and once I understood what it was, it was another “Eureka” moment for me.

Scott Sakamoto, MAYA Design PrincipleI’ll write more about Raymond Lowery soon since Industrial Design is near and dear to my heart having had an early career adventure at Tektronix in the early 1980s where my Tribe (I was hired as the Graphic Design Manager) sat in the middle of Howard Mean’s Industrial Design Department who proudly hired all graduates from the Pasadena, California’s ArtCenter College of Design . Talk about intimidation (that’s another story)… but, hey, I saw this as an opportunity and learned from the “Best” that surrounded me. Time to step up. (I think I was all of 28-years old at the time)

The Bottom-Line

I’ve been around the block enough times to have become a long time advocate of good talent when I am able to recognize it (Sakamoto Rule #9; Where Can I Find You on the Internet). You either have it, or you don’t (Don’t be fooled; we all get lucky sometimes). If you have it, then yes, I can understand your frustration because sometimes our Muse takes off without warning or our Mojo has just gone and disappeared; not around when we need it most.

BUT, because we are talented “Professionals” we have learned to Create-On-Demand, not when we feel like it. This is what separates the “True” trained “Professional” from the “Lucky Squirrels”. Given enough time, ANYONE can create something halfway decent and acceptable, thus the rise of the “Hacks”.

Don’t get yourself down, Find Your Niche.
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