What Are You Going to Create, Produce, and Publish Today

or… Are you suffering from “Paralysis by Analysis” and can’t Create Publish.

Create Publish! What are you waiting for?

One Line, Scott Sakamoto, Create PublishFor some of you, I can understand, for the rest of you, what are you waiting for? I’ve been meeting with several folks lately who keep coming back to me for Inspiration or another swift kick in their “Creative-Butts”; get going!

Maybe this is what’s different from you and me; I am excited about the possibilities the Internet offers us Creative Types. We Rule! We creative types make possible the “Zing” to the “Wow” for ordinary mortal folks. When we use our superpowers, “We Rock”! Do you realize how lucky you are (Why You Should Create Something Everyday ?)

Show off your Mad Skills & Practice to Perfect New Ones. If I were a Photographer, I’d be posting every day!

Fine-tune your skills = Bottom-Line. Pushing yourself to be creative on a regular basis, while challenging, produces measurable progress and provides the “Creative Confidence” to Step-Up and embrace the Challenges ahead of you.

Creative Confidence

I wrote about Creative Confidence in 2014 on (Creative Confidence: Preaching Again). Maybe it’s time to recylce these concepts; they seem to be coming around again… I seem to have a whole new audiance.

Enjoy some Inspiration from David Kelly:
Hint: I watch TED Talks at night

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