A Last Blink at 2017

Creativity, Curiosity, Right Brain

Farewell 2017. You taught me well

A lot has happened since I last shared my thoughts on these pages.

Toward the last Quarter of 2017 (Q4), I was intent on trying new things; took a trip to Seattle via the BoltBus and stayed at the Green Tortoise Hostel while attending a Microsoft Developer Seminar; started a Print On Demand (POD) company and having fun with it as another way to creatively express myself at the same time create a path for “Passive Income”… Sakamoto Mantra: Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes while I sleep.

A few disappointments happened along the way too that I’m choosing not to discuss (taking Buddhist Training to heart) to keep the “River Flowing”.

Creativity, Curiosity, Right Brain, Accountability, American ValueOne of my most important objectives was to continue to develop my Creativity and try new things that will stimulate my curiosity. What I soon found was a clear path to my creative expression that maybe I needed to put a harness on sometimes, or maybe I could argue that it was my “Responsibility” as an Artist and Community Activist to Express my observations. Isn’t that what Americans and American Artists are uniquely allowed to do?

One thing’s for certain. I saw a lot of True Colors in 2017.

In 2018, I will be behaving accordingly with #Accountability.

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