Interim Portland Police Chief Chris Uehara

Chris Uehara, Portland Police Bureau, Portland Oregon
Last night I participated in an event that commemorated the culmination of two communities caused by the tragic events of the September 11 Attacks 16-years ago.

The highlight and most inspiring to hear was the 9/11 message Interim Portland Police Chief Chris Uehara shared with his Portland Police Bureau that he read aloud to us.

In it, I heard a compassionate message that encouraged faith in the “human spirit” that “…shined brightest during the absolute worst of times…”

“…As a nation, as a city, and as individuals we have to make a commitment to make things better. We have to do our part, not point fingers or long for the day when someone else will miraculously fix everything for us. This miracle isn’t going to just happen. If you sit and wait for the change, you’re only going to grow old while you wait”

“…As members of law enforcement, we are defined by our actions. We are all united in our purpose to serve others. Do your very best each day and deliver service with compassion, respect, and humility.

Make a promise to yourself to never forget 9/11 and what happened to our nation. We lost great people on that fateful day. America changed on 9/11.

Good always prevails over evil.

Let’s roll!”

Chris Uehara: Compassionate Leadership

Chris, your message is loud and clear. Thank you for your efforts to “Move the Needle” with effective leadership. I can only hope that you have helped set the course for the future leadership of the Portland Police Bureau.

Thank you for your Service.

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