Trump’s Nationalism is Impervious to Responsible Leadership

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It’s a White Man’s World Out There

Let’s face it; I have more years behind me than I do ahead of me. 2017 was a year that I saw many folks who I was acquainted with reveal themselves to me as they struggled with inclusion and Trump’s empowering Nationalism; something that some of us might have heard about from a William Gibson cyberpunk science fiction novel.

Things have changed; the way people are openly expressing their Hate and Racial Bigotry is no longer communicated in “Code” or “Nuanced Language”; some people are empowered to “try on for size” their new “Dominant Culture” voice as they attempt to slather their Oppression on me and those like me (people of color). This is now becoming the new Normal.

As someone who celebrates my culture (good and bad), I’m often reminded how these unenlightened individuals who have been brainwashed by Movies and Media are becoming more comfortable treating me and my “Brown-Skinned” Brothers, Sisters, Uncles, and Aunties as subservient and eager to please their kind. I’m not your Slave. This is NOT Normal to me.

Recognition Precedes Enlightenment

So, I have conceded to myself that a majority of white voters backed a candidate who assured them that they wouldn’t have to share this country (America) with people of color as equals. So, that leaves me to believe that a majority of those “Silent” white faces I see every day are complicit in this belief.

Here we go AGAIN

I guess what really get’s me, is the “Looking-the-Other-Way” from the GOP Party Leadership; a few puffs of smoke from the Dems, but not much; nothing meaningful and with nothing worthwhile or with meaningful persistence.

I guess I’ll be asking “What’s In It For Me” more often in 2018. It appears that national Leadership is not Accountable and won’t be at any time in the near future. Oh, and for the record, I believe in Science… Science is Normal.

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  1. Colleen
    Colleen says:

    I actually started to respond because I felt compelled, I agree with you. However, I had to leave to shoot a 4 hour photo session and when I came back to it just couldn’t find the words to finish. Keep on Scott Sakamoto, I appreciate you and your point of views, good, bad or indifferent! You are the starter of conversations. That is always a good thing even when it isn’t!


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