Learning: Taking 2016 Meanings With Me and Owning It

learning, Barfly, Faye Dunaway, Mickey Rourke

Learning from 2016

Before 2016 becomes too far gone from our rearview mirror, let’s not forget a couple of important lessons or “Attitudes” that influenced me and learning from these experiences will definitely set the tone for parts of 2017 where it fits. Hint, I appreciate people who think beyond “Status Quo”.
In the first clip from “how can you not love” Faye Dunaway and a young Mickey Rourke (the good ole days) in Barfly, I learn not to be afraid of expressing how I really feel. — See the clips:

Charles Bukowski, Barfly

Faye Dunaway: “Do you hate people?”
Mickey Rourke (Charles Bukowski): “I don’t hate them…I just feel better when they’re not around.”

Fuck You, Pay Me

This clip from “Goodfellas” isn’t much of a concern for me anymore, but still important. After all, I’ve been around for a few decades so it’s not my first rodeo, BUT, for some of you I’ve spoken to recently, who still haven’t Mastered the Art of Communicating your expectations (being paid for your work) and ultimately collecting it; this one’s for you… a “Classic”.


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