Mou Ichido Kudasai: One More Time

Practice, Mou Ichido, one more time, repeat

Practice…One More Time! … Again!

Sometimes when our life depends on it, we get a wake up call and we get to start paying attention again (mindful and present) because we screwed up the first time, we’re lucky after dodging a Bullet. We should find ourselves grateful of the opportunity to find Focus and Learn Respect for your “SELF” (mind, body, spirit).

10,000 Hours: “Everyday”, Means Everyday Without Fail — Embrace It!

Practice with Purpose (Intent), Makes Perfection:

  1. Awake (Early)
  2. Find YOUR “Zone”
  3. Get MOVING (Motion)
  4. Fuel Up (Nutrition) for YOUR Body (Engine)
  5. Find Inspiration
  6. Get Perspective (Meditate/Mantra)
  7. Create Movement Forward; YOU, Move the Needle

How to Move Forward: How to Change:

Keno, Practice, Perfection

Iaido Cut Diagram

Mou Ichido Kudasai: One More Time

I probably have practiced “With Intent” each of the cuts below at least 10,000 times. What do you think my level of proficiency and confidence is?

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