Ray Kroc, The Founder, Big Mac, Royal Cheese, Le Big Mac

Ray Kroc: Le Big Mac, Royale with Cheese and Pulp Fiction

Ray Kroc: Big Mac, 1976

A few weeks ago, I was reminiscing with Troutdale, Oregon Photographer, Colleen Cahill, as we “Drilled-Down” into the origins of my Business Acumen. I recalled being excited about the then relatively new Advertising Industry in 1971 as I was trying to figure out what and where I wanted to invest my hard earned money that I had intended to spend on my continued learning, higher education (college).

Ray Kroc, The Founder, Big Mac, Royal Cheese, Big Mac, 1976, I explained to Colleen that I had determined from spending time at the downtown Multnomah County Central Library that the Advertising Industry was projected to grow in the “Billions” by the time I was scheduled to be done with school. Hmmm, an industry that was actually projected to grow. Keep in mind that at the time, Oregon’s “Traditional” Logging Industry’s longevity was being questioned… see any similarities with today’s current events?

One of the most influential books I read during that time period was “Big Mac” (1976, cover illustration by one of my art school heroes, Seymour Chwast), “The Unauthorized Story of McDonald’s”. It chronicled the rise and expansion of the nation’s number-one fast-food chain and the Horatio Alger story of founder Ray Kroc. I think it was this book that was my “Tipping Point” and motivated my commitment to applying my Creative Talents to the Advertising and Marketing Industry. I was all in (almost).

Le Bic Mac, Ray Kroc, The Founder, Big Mac, Royal Cheese, Big Mac, 1976,

“Pulp Fiction” and “The Founder”

This weekend while staying cool during our Portland, Oregon heat wave, I rewatched “Royal with Cheese” Pulp Fiction (1994), and discovered the new movie, “The Founder” (2016), with Michael Keaton on Netflix.

“The Founder” is less flattering of Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) but does emphasize the “Drive and Determination” that he possessed that allowed him to recognize and ultimately follow his “Vision” and also allowed him to fly high with the Eagles; you’ll see as the story progresses. This is the “Business” story of how Kroc seized upon a systematic burger operation created by McDonald’s brothers Dick (Nick Offerman) and Mac (Zodiac). He talks the brothers into letting him franchise their flagship restaurant, builds it into an empire, and does not look out for the best interests of its creators… I guess you could call that “Doing Business”.

I certainly do not embrace those Business Practices as many of you know; these are not personal attributes that I admire, but (not an excuse), I DO ADMIRE Those with an unwavering ability to Focus and Create and Execute a Plan and Those who also have the ability to Lead (Note: not all business owners are Leaders).

So, If you’re the “ONE”, contact me and let’s create something or if you need help “Staying the Course”, I can help steer you in the Correct Direction… where you want to go.

See You At The Top.

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