Google Alerts: Google is God, or Santa Clause… Whichever

Google, Google Alerts, Google Search, Google-Fu
I’ve met with several individuals who are, or about to become business owners. Of those, I think there are maybe three who “intellectually” know that they have a chance to succeed if they engage with Modern Internet Tools (Social Media, LinkedIn at minimum), but, they are fearful of moving the Needle; don’t want to make Mistakes or embrace excuses like… wait for it… I know what you’re going to say… “I DON’T Have Time”.

“Wouldn’t You Like to Know When People Talk About You?”
What About Your Competitors; Yep, I knew that would get your attention

Google, Google Alerts, Google Search, Google-FuLook, the Modern Internet is full of many wonderful and accessible tools for you to use to help your business succeed. Nowadays, you might just need to have clarity (focus) of WHAT your Business IS (Business Plan) and a Vision of How you’re going to get there (the Road Map; the Marketing Plan).

Not sure HOW to use these Modern Business Tools (Internet Marketing), you may need to collaborate with those like ME who have the necessary experience and Talent to Broadcast the virtues of your Product, Service, or Information your Business revolves around — How you make your Money.

Google Alerts — Was That an Eye-Roll I Just Saw
What’s the reason Why I should pay attention and consider Google Alerts?

Google Alerts have been around the Internet for what seems like the beginning of Internet-Time. That’s why I think this tool is so underutilized and almost taken for granted and forgotten about. If any of the following REASONS WHY a Business owner should utilize Google Alerts interests you and you find that you are NOT. Please contact me today.

You’re Missing Out If You Are Not Using the Most Basic of FREE Intent Tools Google Alerts

  1. Be notified when your name, business name, or website URL are used
  2. Monitor specific content on your site
    If you have a signature piece of content, you can set up an alert to let you know when other sites link to it.
  3. Be up-to-date on current news and trends in your industry.
    If you’re a blogger, this can help you know what sorts of things to write about. If you’re trying to build your expertise in an area, sharing this content on social media indicates you’re in the know.
  4. Find out what your competition is doing.
    You can set alerts to your competitors’ names, and receive notification when they’re mentioned in the news.
  5. Find freelance work or jobs.
    You can set an alert to notify you of new jobs with a specific company, or a type of job you’re looking for. Since most job sites are indexed by Google, you can set an alert for “freelance graphic design job” or whatever type of work you want, and chances are, you’ll receive a notification when jobs pop up on freelance and job sites.
  6. You can add Google alert to let you know about sites in your topic area that use these plugins, so you can leave a comment. For example: widgets “comment luv enabled”
  7. As a Business Owner, I hope this short list can get your imagination flowing on the many strategic ways to utilize Google Alerts for your Business. If you can see but aren’t sure about HOW; Contact me today. I can bring clarity.

    Part Two:
    HOW to Activate Google Alerts.

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