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GroundHog Days: I Have A “Natural” Routine

Lo and Behold, I have discovered that I have a natural Routine. Welcome to my Groundhog Days.

This has been in the making for the past few months; as I recently found out that an old friend had just taken over the lease of the Old Shilo Inn’s cigar lounge “The Mark”. It is now The Chamber at 9900, or “The Chamber“.

Now, I have a place to practice “Calm State-of-Mind”. Escapism: Escape from all the Crap of our Spineless U.S. Congress who allows the current batch of Republicans and the Republican White House Crooks to rob us in plain sight. I don’t “Get It” … Oh well, I’m only a second-class citizen; I can stop pretending I’m someone else now. And, get my “solitary-learning” completed. What is “Solitary Learning”? It’s reading, attending webinars, studying YouTube videos, and overall, continuing education and learning the Sakamoto-Way. Learning about the evolving and finer-points of effective Internet Marketing and Content Creation.

The Sakamoto Office Concept Evolves

Alvin Toffler, Learning,I REALIZED that instead of doing my reading and webinars in my early morning office, I could simply relocate myself to The Chamber (7-minutes away) and at the same time, enjoy a cigar while educating, unLearning, or Learning Something NEW. Efficient-Effectiveness and Productivity at its best … Life is Good! … and, they have awesome food choices there too!

My new “Learning” and Brainstorming Office Hours are now typically 10:00a – 01:00p, most days at The Chamber at 9900. See you around if you don’t turn square.

Oh, and if you need me downtown, there’s always Nedspace (SW Broadway and Washington).

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