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I’m a Procrastinator. It’s time to ReBoot my Workouts for My Summer Fitness Goals

ReBoot: It’s Time for Summer Fitness (Physical and Mental) and Outdoor Activities

Good Weather, Outdoors WeatherGeez Louise! I made two mistakes the other day; I watched a workout video on YouTube and looked up the weather report for next week.

It’s time to ReBoot and “Get Real” and get over my physical fitness stalling. Yep, I’ve been distracted lately and I need to find a new focus that is relevant to my new ReConnected activities; A return to my Cigar Hobby of twenty-years ago and Golf. Oddly, I’ve been absent from both for about the same period of time.

I Attained My Weight-Gain Goal in 2017… Kinda

Last March I claimed all 151 pounds of me at 17% BodyFat (from 153Lbs. at 19% BodyFat). I haven’t seen that kind of poundage on me since my Gold’s Gym days in the 1980s. I’m happy to report that I’m still holding 150 pounds and I’ve slimed two points to 15% BodyFat.

2018 The Year of Golf and Cigars

I’ve been working on my Cardio conditioning via Tabatas (Kendo-Style) and Balance since 2017 . Both of these workouts go hand-in-hand, expecially with the physical activities I’d like to do next so that I can enjoy the outdoors that I missed last year.

So Here’s What I Need to Do:

  1. Maintain 150Lbs. or push it to 155Lbs. (160Lbs. next?) at 10% BodyFat
  2. Develop muscles (resistance training) that will support my Frame for Golfing Activities
  3. Commit to the Gym on Rainy Days (Bulk)
  4. Outside Functional Training most days (Strength and Flexibility)
  5. Flexibility and Balance …think Tai Chi or my Balance Workout
  6. Eat: Fuel Up Properly (Consume Good Calories)

Oh, The Video that Shamed Me:

Techiniqe is everything. Notice the “Controlled” slow-technique used on the Negatives (00:50:00) and Explosive Power of the Exertion … Hard to Cheat that way. Just sayin’

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