I’ll Give You All the Rope You Need

Rope, Opportunity, Missed Opportunity
I originally wrote this in 2015; and that was after a few years of vetting New Collaborative Business Models that “Some” understood; “Most” (in my opinion) were waiting for ME to show up and chauffeur them; personally drive them, or waiting for me to hold their hands all the way to the finish-line …

Rope, Opportunity, Missed OpportunityYou see, in 2008 (Economic Collapse in the United States), I had unwisely adopted a “Total” Sharing and Collaborative attitude that often was interpreted as ME working for YOU for FREE. Nope, Nada, No More free slave labor. Too many of you were Free-Loaders; grabbing every moment of my Time as I allowed (for FREE), and, the sad thing; indicative of modern U.S. Culture, “Most” didn’t even know how to minimally say “Thank You”. What’s up with you People? Where are your Manners?

Just let me know how much rope you need.

Sharing is Fine and is Needed if Respected

Sharing and Collaborating are all Fine and Dandy except I don’t work for free anymore. Nope, not since I realized that people just didn’t want to help themselves in spite of all the Good-to-Great Internet Tools available to Everybody with Internet Access.

There are a Costs and a Price to Pay for Everything

I don’t think I need to explain this. For the past couple of years I’ve been making a concerted effort speaking with many of you toward creating a collaborative collection of professionals to test a joint Content Effort that should provide benefits (SEO) to those who participate = I’m Done Talking.

As a person who I respect, I won’t babysit you or micro-manage you. I just make sure you’ve understood my Platform; I’ve watched you nod your head and heard your words that lead me to believe = you “Want In”.

I’m Done with the “Hot Air”… I’m Ready for Action; I have a mountain to climb.
See You At the Top… Or NOT

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