Field Trip – I Think I Found My Happy Place

Chili Oil, Creo Chocolate, Field Trips, Jeffrey Niiya, Portland Police Bureau, Sao Noi, World Foods

A Stimulating Week For Sure

Chili Oil, Creo Chocolate, Field Trips, Jeffrey Niiya, NedSpace, Portland Police Bureau, Sao Noi, World FoodsThis can only mean one thing… Sakamoto got out of his cave! Some of these things were set in motion before the week, but some of the most rewarding were spontaneous outings (Field Trips) that weren’t planned.

Double tap Monday, I was fortunate enough to catch Daniel Morris Senior Partner of Morris+D’Angelo Financial Services Firm give a presentation on Cryptocurrency at Nedspace on Monday. I was also excited to meet some new up-and-coming “Content” talent; we’ll see… Everybody is always quick to say, “Yes”. I’ve expressed that I’m here to help.

Tuesday I got to restate and remind myself that “I Don’t Work for Free Anymore”. I reconnected with long-time acquaintance Evelyn Liu (our families are from the same Chinese village) who is on a journey to make a difference in her “Retired” life as she sits on several Non-Profit Boards. Good luck Evelyn.

 Chili Oil, Creo Chocolate, Field Trips, Jeffrey Niiya, World FoodsAfter a delicious crab omelet breakfast at the Imperial Resturant across the street from Nedspace, it was time to shoot over to World Foods Portland in the “Pearl District” and then across the river to Creo Chocolate with Kurt Sussman aka @Neophiliac_PDX (

Chocolate Fixes Everything

Creo Chocolate speaks my language. The little cup of hot chocolate in the image to the right; there’s a half a Chocolate Bar in there along with some steamed heavy cream… I’m a #Fan.

Yesterday I reconnected with newly promoted Portland Police Bureau, Lieutenant Jeffrey Niiya (Rapid Response). It was great to reconnect, as I’m about to restart my Ride Alongs with these fine Professional Portland Law Enforcement Officers. Jeff, I’m glad to hear you survived 2017… Let’s hope for a calmer 2018. Anyway, I can’t wait to get started with my Ride Alongs out and about in the Community.

jason chamber, the chamber, the9900, cigars, partagasAfter my meeting with Jeff, I headed over to my new “Smoking” office to enjoy the Partagas Series D that I’ve been waiting to light-up at The Chamber at 9900 and lo and behold a blast from the past co-owner Jason Chambers live and in person appears. “Jase” see you this Friday after my lunch with Jenny Kim.

Friday I have lunch scheduled with Community Activist, Founder & Former President of Korean American Coalition, Jenny Kim. During one of my tenures as President of the Portland Chapter of JACL (Japanese American Citizens League), we loaned our bylaws to then organizer and current board member of the Korean American Coalition, Jenny Lee Berry . It will be good to find out how this has evolved. #Curious.

Blazers Beat the #1 Warriors

I couldn’t have had a better Valentines than a Blazer WIN! Portland Trail Blazers (123) over the Warriors (117). I can’t believe it! Truth: I tried to stay awake to enjoy the game live, but I fell asleep at the beginning of the First Quarter! Guess what I’m going to watch this afternoon on my DVR?

And Tiger Woods teed off a couple of hours ago and hopefully he plays this weekend.

Chili Oil, Creo Chocolate, Field Trips, Jeffrey Niiya, NedSpace, Portland Police Bureau, Sao Noi, World Foods

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