Vision: I Can See!

Vision, Computer Glasses, Blue Rays, Tired Eyes, Eye Strain
Vision, Curtis Suyematsu,I shared with Chisao Hata, Chisao Moves, the Director of the Citizen Min reading that I was invited to perform in on October 9, 2016; that on the day of our performance at Portland Center Stage, Ellyn Bye Studio. It was there during our practice reading that I had a “Motivational-Realization”… I could see! My Vision had appeared.

All of a sudden when I was reading my lines I realized that my reading glasses were still on the top of my head — Eureka!

What! Did I consume the Magic Miricle combination of oatmeal and caffeine this morning for breakfast… Wait, it’s not what I did, but what I didn’t do.

Vision, sakamoto_october-facebooksquare_computer-glassesMy Eyeballs Didn’t Spend Any Time Staring at a Computer Screen That Morning! I Had Vision.

The Takeaway, or as Chisao said; “So, What did you learn?”
I’m getting some Computer Glasses. From what I’ve initially read, glasses with the proper lenses will help eye stress from staring into the abyss of bright computer screens. Many of us (myself included) work 8-9 hour days, looking at a computer screen for about 90% of that time… We’ll send more information your way as soon as we discover our favorite solution.

Stay Tuned

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