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Food is Fuel, Not a Reward

Food is Fuel, not a Reward. I know some of you are sucking the sugar out of your teeth from your morning donut this morning; just like you’re likely to do most mornings along with several others who don’t respect their “Temples”; their Bodies (engines).
Food Fuel, Breakfast, NutritionWe love Pork Fat and Eggs just as much as some. maybe more, but we know that depending on the type of day we’re about to have, sometimes it takes the Correct Fuel to get you thru the day.
How do you think all that sugar and carbohydrates are going to fuel your BRAIN this morning – think again – oh that’s right, you had Sugar for Breakfast — Just sayin’.

Think Differently and Intelligently (Healthy)

I slammed this together for my Breakfast this morning:
– Leftover Matsutake Rice
– Last of the Chicken Stock I made the other day
– Miscellaneous vegetable scraps

I’m good to go.

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