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This is largely re-posted from the from April 2014.

I’m Back At It… or at least I keep threatening to

I’ve been one of the best procrastinators as far as getting back to my Fitness Training lately. I found by making good decisions about what I Eat (Fuel), I can back off of my workouts and SLACK — NOT!

scott-sakamoto_blogmajor_brian-karsten_finepoints-1 When Brian Karsten worked with me in 2014, I was just starting to appreciate the aspects of using only body weight as a Functional Training Tool — Who needs weights? = Now, “I Get It”.
My workout ReLaunch is a continuation of this workout technique and philosophy = Minimize Gym Equipment and Space > Use body weight when possible.

To Start: It’s All About Balance & Core Strength

scott-sakamoto-kickinthebuttAs an old gym rat (think back in the 80s and 90s) when I used to train with Henry Jung an old high school alumni and Masters Bodybuiler (2013 Bantam Weight and Masters Men Over 60) = Yes we’re the same age. So, here we go for 2016 now that I have a larger perspective on Physical Fitness toward Optimal Performace. So, here’s to my reStart of my rejuvenated workout: Think Convict Conditioning. So, from the Master of Pain — my rejuvenated Balance and Functional Core Workout — Join Me… It’s for your own good.

Lateral Adductor Walkouts
Adductor and Glutes

1. Step out to side
2. Transfer weight into lead leg
3. Transfer weight back to trail leg
4. Stand and bring together

Sagittal Pendulum RDL Hops
Quadriceps and Hamstring

1.Lean forward, touch ground with hands
2. Pendulum with heel driver
3. Hop on same leg and repeat

Sagittal Heel Jumps
Quadriceps and Hamstring

1. Toes never touch ground
2. Arms cross inside knees
3. Fingers touch ground each jump

Lateral Sagittal Heel Jumps
Quadriceps and Hamstring

1. Toes never touch ground
2. Arms cross inside knees
3. Fingers touch ground each jump

Sagittal RDL Walkouts
Quadriceps and Hamstring

1. Step forward
2. Toe touch
3. Ground touch
4. Step out
5. Opposing arms and legs always touch

Sagittal Pendulum RDL Hops
Gutes and Hamstring

Lateral Pendulum RDL Hops
Adductor, Abductpr and Gutes

Lunge Scissor Switches
Quadriceps and Hamstring

1. Step forward into lunge
2. Touch back knee to ground
3. Scissor jump in place
4. Step out again

Bear Crawl
Core, Quadriceps, Triceps, Pectorals and Deltoids

1. On all fours
2. Knees close to ground
3. Ankles outside knees
4. Opposing arm and legs move together
5. Keep a slight bend in elbows
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