Training: I Need to Be Centered Again

training, centered, Iaido, Kendo, Katana, Japanese Sword, Fighting

November 2016: With the latest current events in the United States knocking a lot of us off-kilter, I think it will be a good idea for me to prepare myself for Training, Budō (the Martial Way or Path) and hopefully “Quiet” My Mind (Mokuso and become Centered).


Within Motion; Stillness, Within Stillness; Motion

training, centered, Kendo, Iaido, MovementWhen I say “Prepare” myself to become centered, I mean, “It’s time to start Training again … It’s been awhile; over the past year or so my physical conditioning (although probably better than most) has been changing and my fitness routine or lack of it has been a paradigm shift from my “Normal”… I’ve been healing. And it just it just took a turn in the other direction; so I have some work to do on myself if I’m going to evolve and prepare my Mind and Body to regrip my Foundation with my Toes (from the ground up) that will allow me to move forward with strength and “Intent” (focus). I commit to start Training again; I need to.
I think it’s time to hit the gym again and get centered … Dang!

So, Stay tuned while I get a grip on what’s going on in OUR WORLD so I can better deal with it.

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